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from one world to another
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Psalm for the South
Momma gave me a quilt when I left home
so I could lie me down in green pastures,
jus' like her black book says.
I learned to read
in a town where the churches got porches
jus' like everybody else.
Taught myself astronomy
with cogon grass ticklin my bare legs an'feet
an'ticks on the backsa my knees.
I couldn'a shown you
the long necklace a' stars
people say is a dragon,
but I could hunt down rabbits n'hazelnuts
on their way to Heaven.
Since I left
I seen long plains a' steel buildins
that crowd out the sky
an'shine their own stars.
Grandaddy Solomon still sings to me in my sleep
in Grandma's ole wicker rockin chair,
still reads to me from Momma's black book.
I like him better'n God.
My first music lesson
was wind in the blue grass,
my breath vibratin the green ribbon
crushed between thumb-joints.
Since then I learned from voices jus' as sweet.
I read lots more than the black book, these days.
Walked through lotsa valleys,
dryer'n salt or wet as an afternoon in March—
walked there m
:iconazizriandaoxrak:AzizrianDaoXrak 21 26
i. nightbreak
We're not friends, really.
We're only close on summer afternoons
when the atmosphere captures us
tenderly, in waves of golden sunlight,
when the day fades to night on broken pavement
and we lie together, not too close,
sharing our hidden tragedies,
our voices exhilarated and desperate,
our traumatized eyes fixed on the skies.
ii. dayfall
"you don't
know anything about loss.
or suffering."
Keeping my hands pressed to my sides
I watch as pages turn,
as trees melt into sheets of paper
that become poems
etched into the brick of time.
Our traumatized eyes are fixed on the skies
that unfold miracles and scatter stars,
that open wildflowers like love letters
metered and calligraphic,
that lend song to kaleidoscope
birds in unsolved riddles
and bright lashes.
"look at the light! oh, humans.
we are all so beautiful."
:iconarchelyxs:archelyxs 21 28
Letter to First Poet on Mars
Letter to the first poet on Mars
Do not say "red".
Avoid mention of Ares.
In fact, don't wax classical
at all.
Keep it simple.
Don't drink the water.
There isn't any.
Say there is.
Exaggerate the prospects
for terraforming.
Tell us the weather is nice.
Or, that it will be.
Wish we were there.
Tell us so.
Invent a new word
for red.
Write it.
Make a circle.
Better yet
construct a sphere.
Create a word for gravity
and place it at the center.
Empty the sky of stars.
Give us a proper beginning.
Write: "I've reached the summit
of Olympus Mons,"
and, "from this sacred height,
I can see beyond Tharsis
a world without gods
who deal in war."
:iconthehungerartist:TheHungerArtist 256 83
best safety lies in fear.
I feel pain
I must be an artist
                                                                       I was hurt
                                                                      I was betrayed
                                                                       I was abused
                                                                       f i n a l l y
                                                                 I will do some good out of it
             if you're interested
               give me some more
                   beat me up,
           break every single of these
                    2 0 7
:icondwellinginwonderland:DwellingInWonderland 40 42
the king en route
on the way to Vegas         in the deep & late nite     the center of the moment
                                                drifts outside the circle of the clock
& in the ritual halt           pumping gas into vintage convertible    having put my hand
where thousands have held          
the pulsed wrist of their journey
feeling flow               the careful measure
of combustibles, the sparkless touch           snub of cigar
:iconantonfrost:antonfrost 9 23
Missus Lady-With-Black-Glasses
Missus lady with
Black glasses passes pushing
Her swaddling'd charge
In a carriage down the alley
The air is cold and dry and stingy
And missus lady sings a can
Of chicken soup unto the
Carriage contents' tiny lips
Steamy strand by
        Steamy strand
Missus lady-with-black-glasses
Knows not the manner
In which
Such stuff is manufactured
Nor what said's scientific properties
What missus lady does, ye see
Is inhale
With her second throat a smattering
Of the matter
Of the surroundings
That have shaped her, lends her blood
As solvent
Streamy Strand by
           Streamy Strand
Not by knowledge
          Not even by love
But to
Fill the gap
   Behind her baby's
:iconpereubuisjesus:pereubuisjesus 12 16
Mature content
all love is representative :iconoracle-of-nonsense:oracle-of-nonsense 22 40
Mature content
Anatomy of Self Indulgence :iconadahplatha:adahplatha 15 21
for squares by YouInventedMe for squares :iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 311 230
Dear Reader
on the roof
simpering with
the pigeons
i throw
sheen after sheen
from buckets of paint;
you do all
the work
in the
like lips
with the color
of kisses
and move.
and listen
to this:
the birds
open their mouths
in the rain
spread one wing
then another
and lean out
and over--
the river
onto salt
as the moon
like a coin
in a fist;
part lips
part ways.
the bartender
peels a lime;
the doorman
pulls at the door
while the waitress
clears the table.
i open
a window,
you open
your eyes:
is making space.
here and
i have
for you.
:iconantonfrost:antonfrost 259 64
She and I
share just one thing:
this hero-worship,
this lurch and crawl.
I am her, broken down to carbon.
I can feel how she stands back and echoes.
Do I do her justice?
I can't decide if we are exact
exactly opposing.
She is my old days,
My tired space echoing,
my last-ditch effort.
She's a spite-fuck,
she's a stack of well-meant books,
and I'm a page-turner,
and you bind us together.
We are this single-syllable echo.
We are an uttered end.
We hang
on your soul,
through the breaks,
we sputter like a falling quarter—
we are—falling,
to an uneven floor.
How quick can we tumble down?
My edges
are being worn off,
my echoes compressed.
I used to feel like every second was an oral exam.
I have learned,
you are on trial.
You are the judge,
plaintiff, defendant, bailiff,
and audience.
You're the aggrieved's family,
you're supportive friends of the accused,
you      are      starved report
:iconcatheter:catheter 4 3
the garden has grown over.
rows of metal stakes sit
barren, tilted
if you were here, I would ask -
do you remember each spring
those sagging, strained vines
grazing the ground
and all the varieties of reds
that brightened the back of our yard?
the sound of the doorbell, a cue
to load up the bags,
and the postman,
your sister,
my friends leaving, laden with a bounty
and Mum heaping two kilos of them
in a deep saucepan,
bashed and dented from years of cooking for four,
and they'd simmer for hours
like time meant nothing
our crop, we shared
when there was
so much
:iconsperpy:Sperpy 16 39



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City lights molest stars
under the mini-skirt of preteen night.
And sky-scraping fallaces reach deeply upward
housing one thousand little men clamoring for 1st place.

It's raining mindless drops of nothing here, and
I'm sitting on the tip of the city trying very hard not to be disposable.
Sheets of pavement lap at my feet.
I guess this is the best it has ever been, or ever will be.

Disliking empty things, I rejected you.
I say hollow, you say goodbye.
We split in three without the will to try.
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